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I think I have a haunted location, how do I set up an investigation?
If you are experiencing paranormal activity, and would like the Ghost Girls to come out for an investigation, please send us an email at ghostgirlsaustin@gmail.com. We do not charge for personal investigations. The Ghost Girls have the right to refuse any investigations at any time for any reason. 

What can I expect when you come to my house or business?

The Ghost Girls will communicate with you regarding the date and time of the investigation. Investigations usually begin around 8pm and the end time varies. ​​​​​​We will go over the setup plan once we arrive. You can expect professionalism and organization. 

What can I expect after the investigation?

One of the Ghost Girls will be in touch in 1-2 weeks with any evidence or findings. We will provide you with a copy of any evidence and return to play the evidence for you if requested. 

​​​​What if I need you out A.S.A.P?

The Ghost Girls only take on a certain number of investigations per month, and that can sometimes mean we can't get out to your location right away. We can help you find another paranormal team or direct you to local authorities, depending on the situation. We are never trying to be rude, we just have families of our own and busy schedules. 

How many investigators are on your team?

That will vary depending on the situation. We have technical assistants (male) that sometimes accompany us, but we will inform you beforehand.  ​​​​​ ​​
If you find activity, will you make it leave?

The Ghost Girls do not cleanse, rid, or banish spirits from a location. We do not have that skill set. Think of us as scientists who collect and review data. We present our findings to you, but can assist in finding someone to help you with the next steps (if absolutely necessary). ​​​

What if I have different beliefs than you?

That is absolutely fine! We do not share our beliefs on investigations and the Ghost Girls will be respectful of all beliefs during our investigations.

Can I become a Ghost Girl of Austin?

At this time, we do not offer group investigations. We can recommend teams that offer group investigations or are looking for new members. ​​​​​​​​If you are in another paranormal team and would like to connect, please email us at ghostgirlsaustin@gmail.com. We enjoy meeting with other teams. We are not competitive and we are NOT in this for any other reason than to help people.