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The Ghost Girls always follow a set of guidelines and do not cleanse, rid, or banish spirits from locations. Think of us as scientists who collect and review data. 

We may use the following types of equipment:

* IR Night Video Camera
* Digital Audio Recorder​​​
* Thermal Camera
* K2 Meter / EMF Detector
* Ovilus (Ghost Box)
* Digital Camera
* Digital Thermometer​​​​​

Cathie "The Mother"

How did you become interested in the paranormal?
I have always been curious about the paranormal, especially due to the conflicting beliefs around the subject. I have always had a sixth sense, or strong intuition. This, along with my daughter's curiosity in the field, led me down this path. 

What do you bring to the team?
My strong intuition allows me to sense emotions or feelings about a location that often lead to paranormal activity and evidence.​​​
My daughter calls me a profiler, because my initial instinct about someone is almost always correct and I tend to know more details than given. 

Stephenie "The Daughter"

​​How did you become interested in the paranormal?
My interest in the paranormal comes from unexplainable personal experiences and a curiosity in the unknown. When you are the only person in a room and you hear another voice, speaking very clearly, it challenges your beliefs. 

What do you bring to the team?​​
I am the realist of the team, I'm always looking for logical explanations. ​I enjoy testing experimental equipment and techniques on investigations.